How to Install Wordpress ?

Detailed Instructions​

Step 1: Download and Extract​

Download and unzip the WordPress package from
  • If you will be uploading WordPress to a remote web server, download the WordPress package to your computer with a web browser and unzip the package.

Step 2: Create the Database and a User​

  • Create New Database, User and DB using MySQL or Phpmyadmin

Step 3: Upload the files​

Now you will need to decide where on your domain you’d like your WordPress-powered site to appear:

Step 4: Run the Install Script​

Point a web browser to start the installation script.

Setup configuration file​

If WordPress can’t find the wp-config.php file, it will tell you and offer to try to create and edit the file itself. (You can also do this directly by loading wp-admin/setup-config.php in your web browser.) WordPress will ask you the database details and write them to a new wp-config.php file. If this works, you can go ahead with the installation; otherwise, go back and create, edit, and upload the wp-config.php file yourself (step 3).

Finishing installation​

The following screenshots show how the installation progresses. Notice that in entering the details screen, you enter your site title, your desired user name, your choice of a password (twice), and your e-mail address. Also displayed is a check-box asking if you would like your blog to appear in search engines like Google and DuckDuckGo. Leave the box unchecked if you would like your blog to be visible to everyone, including search engines, and check the box if you want to block search engines, but allow normal visitors. Note all this information can be changed later in your Administration Screen.

If you successfully install the WordPress, login prompt will be displayed.
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